Will The East Steal Attention From LeBron?

The Chicago Bulls have been sent home for the summer by the Miami Heat. Last year, I was rooting for the Heat to go all the way, and they nearly did. Since Jimmy Butler was drafted by the Bulls and played in Chicago for six seasons I wanted to see him win his first ring. […]

Don’t Blame The Clock For Bad Mechanics!

Many fans and sports reporters in Chicago are trying to find every reason why the Cubs should place Starting Pitcher Kyle Hendricks on the Injured List because of his rough start to the season. Also, the season started three weeks ago there have also been a number of other pitchers around the league who have […]

Swinging Success & Triumphant Returns

Many years ago on a hot summer day I wanted some Iced Tea but we were low on Iced Tea mix at home so my mom made a pitcher with a different cold beverage and told me to try it. My response after taking a sip of it was, “I definitely taste the tea but […]

There’s A First For Everything… This Is About Madness!

The last time I followed college basketball closely was 2002 when the Fighting Illini were in the March Madness discussion for the second year in a row. At the time I was three years away from having to start thinking about college. When it came time for me to apply to colleges three years later […]

Playoff Run: Let’s Not Deal With Tie Breakers

Most of the league has four games left, some teams only have three games. The four teams I follow the closest all have four games left. Golden State Warriors & Los Angeles Lakers In a post back on March 21st I made it clear that I am rooting for the Warriors to knock the Lakers […]

Imanaga Time Shortened By Rain

Today’s game had a three hour rain delay which stole a win away from Shota Imanaga who only pitched 4 innings as a result of the aforementioned rain delay. The Cubs were leading 6-0 when the rain delay started and would end up winning 8-1. There has been a lot of discussion in online communities […]

This One Is For The Cone Heads!

On October 1, 2023 former Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield passed away from brain cancer. He was a very rare type of pitcher because his signature pitch was the Knuckleball. As a tribute to him and his late wife Stacy who passed away on February 29, 2024 today’s post will be about the knuckleball. The […]

Playoff Run: We’re In The Home Stretch

Two weeks ago I shared my thoughts about the teams headed for the Play-In tournament in Eastern and Western Conferences. As I write this the only the Atlanta Hawks are playing tonight. So, let’s take check the pulse on who will make the Play-In Tournament and what seed they will be in. Eastern Conference More […]

Spring Notes: Another Case Of Trading Spaces?

In 2023 the National League Central completely owned by the Milwaukee Brewers. Then in November just over one month after the regular season ended the Chicago Cubs made headlines bringing Craig Counsell south the Wrigleyville. Let’s take a look at the all the teams are after a slow off season around the league that has […]

Slammin’ Sammy Apologizes To Fans

A couple weeks ago Slammin’ Sammy was back in Chicago. While we was in town WGN, the old television and radio home of Chicago Cubs baseball, got him on the air for an exclusive interview at Club 400. Jarrett Payton, former Bears great Walter Payton’s son, had the honors of conducting the exclusive interview which […]