College Football Preview, Week 6

Another week of college football down, and we’re on to week 6. There were no surprises in week 5. We’re almost at the halfway mark of the season, and soon enough the playoff chase will start to heat up and we’re going to see some separation. So without further ado, here are the critical games […]

College Football Preview, Week 5

What a week 4 in college football! Of the 6 games I previewed last week, all but 1 came down to the end. Clemson lost in overtime, and after 6 straight playoff trips, they’re likely going to miss the playoff for the 3rd year in a row. The Ohio State-Notre Dame game came down to […]

Previewing the marquee match-ups of college football, week 4

I’m back with my college football analysis for 2023. We’re a quarter of the way through the season, and this week will start to show some separation for the playoff chase. Just like last year where I handicapped the playoff chase each week, I will be doing that again this year. But not this week. […]

Let the Bears pay the Bear Tax! I pay the Homer Tax!

With the start of the NFL season upon us, I decided to look at one of the major stories from the NFL off-season. In February, the Chicago Bears closed on a plot of land in suburban Arlington Heights, to complete a purchase that had been agreed to 18 months prior. It seemed to be a […]

12-team playoff? Why not make it 16?

With the 2023 college football season underway, and this year the last of the four-team playoff, I decided to delve into the new playoff format, and what I think they should do differently. This is something that has been long overdue. For years, the powers that be resisted changes to how college football determined the […]

Building a Championship Roster

After the Golden State Warriors won game 7 against the Sacramento Kings to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals, my first thoughts were not about Steph Curry’s 50 point game and how it was the most points scored in a game 7, but rather Kevon Looney’s performance on the glass, and how instrumental he was […]

Curry, Kwame, Chandler prove merits of NBA Draft Rule

When the NBA players and owners agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement before the 2005-06 season, one of the issues was the eligibility age for the NBA draft. Before the 2005 CBA, Americans were eligible upon graduating high school and international players were eligible the year they turned 18. The new CBA required Americans […]

NIL: Amateurism or fair market forces?

For years, the NCAA resisted paying college athletes under the guise of “amateurism”. They even went so far as to create the term “student-athlete” in response to a court decision that athletes were employees of the university. Not only did they refuse to pay college athletes, but they also restricted their ability to earn endorsement […]

Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. Not 4. Not 5. But 6. ELIMINATIONS!

With LeBron James about to break the all time scoring record, the never ending debate about who is the greatest ever will kick into another gear. Until LeBron came along, it was widely agreed that Michael Jordan was the greatest ever, and that Kobe Bryant was the closest thing we will ever see to Jordan. […]

The Heisman Trophy Has Entered The Transfer Portal

With the end of the college football regular season, the transfer portal has opened. People have called this college football free agency, and many people don’t like it, as they feel it’s ruining the game of college football and creating a non-stop recruiting cycle. I, on the other hand, disagree, as this move puts the […]