Are They Selling Or Buying On The Bay?

With the trade deadline just over three weeks away there are teams like the San Francisco Giants who’s record is 44-46 as they play their game today. Some fans have never heard of Farhan Zaidi or Pete Putila who run the Giants front office. However, so of the fans close to me have. As a result, today I am going to take a dive into the moves they are looking to make as well as one they have made in the last week.

Trade with Cleveland Guardians

On Friday Spencer Massey of Sports Illustrated reported Spencer Howard was traded to the Guardians marked a strategic move by the Giants as the MLB trade deadline approaches. Howard, who has struggled to find consistency this season, posted a 5.63 ERA and a 1-1 record in seven appearances, including two starts. His performance led to him being designated for assignment leading to the trade to Cleveland for cash considerations. This move that frees up roster space and financial resources for potential future acquisitions. This trade is seen as the first of several moves the Giants might make as they navigate the trade deadline, trying to balance their roster for a competitive push.

Cody Bellinger To The Bay? 

The Giants were rumored to be signing Cody Bellinger back in February before he resigned with the Cubs during spring training. According to Matt Musico on, with the Cubs struggling of late they have been keeping an eye on Bellinger who has had a series of injuries since coming to the majors with the Los Angeles Dodgers, their division rivals, a few years ago. He suffered yet another injury this season back in April when he fractured his ribs.

However, the rib injury has not stopped him from showing significant ability to continue making on the spot adjustments and improvements. His on the spot adjustments make him a valuable addition to any team’s lineup if the Cubs are willing to move his salary and be sellers.

As a result of his three year contract with two player options and a team buy-out he has emerged as a key trade target for the Giants, who are looking to strengthen their outfield. Since they see him as not only a defensive asset but also a powerful left-handed bat that can enhance their offensive capabilities. Acquiring Bellinger would signal the Giants’ commitment to competing for a playoff spot and provide a much-needed boost to their roster. This move would also align with the Giants’ strategy of adding experienced players who can contribute immediately.

Injuries Will Tell The Story

Yesterday BVM Sports among other more widely known sources reported that the Giants activated Kyle Harrison and called up left-hander Kolton Ingram from Double-A in an effort to consolidate their starting rotation with deadline approaching. This ultimately leaves the Giants in a holding pattern over the next week before they will have to make some serious decisions following the All-Star game whether they will be buyers or sellers.

Here’s the thing folks: Based on their recent play the Giants have a few glaring holes in their pitching staff on offense and sit in fourth place in the NL West. As we come up on the All-Star break next week they are positioning themselves to buy or potentially do nothing because their trade targets could be gone before they are able to make moves. This is a result of the fact that their front office appears to be focused on adding players who have more upside such as Bellinger who are currently underperforming. Therefore showing a more short-term approach to staying competitive instead of planning for long term success.

With that…. it does appear that the Giants will be buyers at the deadline but only time will really tell the tale.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them!

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