Big Foot Stomped On The Bulls

While some of my readers might think I am going to be whining about Jerry Reinsdorf with today’s article… that is not at all the case. Nope, the fact is I will be whining about Artūras Karnišovas and Marc Eversley not doing their jobs.

When they came here in the middle of the 2019-2020 season the entire sports landscape in Chicago changed in such a jiffy that most diehard basketball fans were surprised by Reinsdorf’s move. However, I was sitting here saying to most of my closest friends, “This is good for the Bulls but I think it is just going to be two new puppets pulling strings for Jerry.”

Since then I have appeared to basically be exactly right. It all started with Lonzo Ball’s injury back in the middle of the 2021-2022 season with a knee injury that look like it has ended his career. Since Ball’s injury Karnišovas and Eversley didn’t bother to bring in reinforcements and have stood by their original plan simply waiting for Lonzo Ball’s contract to run out before rebuilding. Why have they stuck with their original plan, you ask? Simple, because of the Luxury Tax rules in the NBA they have been listening to Jerry and not tearing it apart thanks to the contracts that are already signed including Ball’s.

Now let’s fast forward to early this season. The demise of the current Bulls core became very obvious when Zach LaVine missed most of December and part of January with a foot injury. The injury is not why the demise of this core of players became obvious though. Nope, it was the overall performance of the players on the court. They were not playing even close to the expectation of a playoff bound team after making the play-in tournament last season.

On top of that earlier this month it was announced that LaVine was having surgery on his foot and his season was over. Like Ball he too has a history of knee and foot injuries before his latest two foot injuries which have lasted the entire season. Once again, Karnišovas and Eversley made a mistake signing LaVine to a contract last summer based on his injury history. That was their chance to say it is time to start rebuilding and get away with it. Especially after Patrick Williams is now out for the rest of the season with a foot injury and will be having surgery just like LaVine.

Here’s the thing folks: Hind sight is always 20-20 especially for fans. However, since taking over at the helm on Chicago’s West Side Karnišovas and Eversley have done nothing to actually put a consistently competitive team on the court that would not suffer injuries. As a result, they are now going to have to rebuild this summer around Coby White.

With that…. it is time for the Bulls to play out the string and hopefully make the play-in tournament again only to miss the playoffs or get in be knocked out by the Boston Celtics in the first round.

If you cannot play with the, then root for them.

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