Does Winning Really Mute The Critics?

Before tonight’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks the Bulls were on a four game winning streak which started against the Bucks on November 30th. The Bulls had not one more than two or three in a row since the 2021-2022 season.

In the middle of what turned into their first winning streak in two seasons it was announced nearly a week ago that Zach LaVine is not expected back until early-to-mid January because of his foot injury. On top of that, since the season started it has been long rumored that Zach LaVine, Alex Caruso, or DeMar DeRozan would be traded. Some rumors had Nikola Vučević being traded too.

The Bulls did not hold any lead during regulation tonight, however they were able to out score the Bucks in the second half and send the game to overtime for the second time in as many matchups against Milwaukee. The lost in overtime 133-129. Personally, I think the winning streak that ended with tonight’s loss to the Bucks is a big sign that LaVine needs a change of scenery even though he is out injured.

Don’t misunderstand me here LaVine is a team player and was rooting for Coby White based on what I heard in the Game Recap he was cheering for. However, let’s not forget that Caruso is battling an ankle injury and did not play against the Bucks tonight as a result. If Caruso was no out the Bulls are probably on a five game winning streak after tonight.

As much as LaVine has denied it in recent interviews since suffering his foot injury it is looking very likely that he will be the one that is traded first. Here’s the thing folks: This Friday many of the players who signed contracts over the summer will become tradeable opening the door for trade talks to truly begin. The way this will likely go down is in January when LaVine is ready to return he will be traded before taking the court.

Let’s not forget the Caruso rumors that have been swirling. With how Coby White and Ayo Dosunmu have been playing this season and the interest being shown in Caruso especially by the Los Angeles Lakers it is looking more likely Caruso will be the other member of the core to be traded.

With that… let’s root for another winning streak to begin tonight against the Nuggets.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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