Dusty Will End Up Blowing It Again

Nine short months ago it looked like this season would be scarred by the lockout and the World Series would not happen similar to the entire 1994 Post Season being wiped out due to the player strike.

That did not happen and Friday we will be seeing Dusty Baker make his third ever appearance in the Fall Classic. The last two times he was managing in the World Series were 2002 against the Angels and last year against the Dodgers. He lost both times.

They say the third time is the charm; sadly though because he is managing the cheaters, I think he will lose again. I am not saying this only because he messed up in 2003 after being hired by the Cubs. I am also saying it because while he has won 65% of games, he’s managed I still do not think he actually knows how to win.

I believe the Astros have been lucky to be in back-to-back World Series under Dusty Baker. He does not know how to correctly manage a baseball team and is only managing the Astros because of the cheating scandal in 2017. I feel that if he knew how to manage a baseball team, he’d have won in 2002. Also, he’d have found a way to not blow the NLCS in 2003 never getting the Cubs back there before being fired in 2006. I believe this series will go at least six games and he will find a way to blow it.

The truth is I will be happy for him if he doesn’t blow it but I want to see Schwarber help the Phillies to another championship. Also, I believe Schwarber and the Phillies are the better team.

With that…. its time to play ball!

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