From Playing Like Garbage To Overtime

The Bulls were playing with absolutely no energy on Wednesday night to the point where Nikola Vucevic was yelling at the coach during the game because he was not happy that Zach LaVine who is suppose to be a go to guy this year on offense was playing horribly on both sides of the ball. They lost by 20 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in that game thanks to their lack of energy and then held a players only meeting in the locker room after the game.

Now, let’s discuss last night’s game. Alex Caruso and DeMar DeRozan saved the day in the fourth quarter and over time. At the end of the fourth with approximately 12 seconds left the Bulls appeared as if they were on the verge of being 0-2 for the season. Then with 3.5 seconds would commit an offensive foul jumping in front of Pascal Siakam for an offensive foul with the Bulls down 93-92. Moments later DeRozan would sink one of two free throws following a shooting foul to tie the game and send it to over time.

Then in overtime the better level of energy from this so called “new look” Bulls team continued to look pretty good. They were keeping the game very close to the point where it looked like it could go to a double over time until Caruso hit the game winner with under a second left in the game. Making the Bulls 1-1 as they head to Detroit for tonight’s game.

The Bulls made virtually no moves this off season aside from stealing Javon Carter away from their rivals in Milwaukee. That is not a horribly new look. They needed to make more and sadly come the trade deadline they might end up being sellers because this roster appears to have a lot of holes that were not filled. As a result, if the energy from last nights game does not continue to improve as the we get closer to Christmas there are going to be similar issues to what we saw last year on Chicago’s West Side where they made a deadline deal that saw them get to the play-in game which they ultimately lost missing the playoffs.

Here’s the thing folks: Yes, it is only game three. However, Lonzo Ball is not coming back this season and his career is likely over. Marc Eversley and Artūras Karnišovas need to admit that it is time to move on and stop waiting around for him to return by going out and doing everything they can to fill the holes in this roster through trades and other guys who might be on waivers… or get out of town.

With that… it is almost time for tip off in Detroit. Let’s go Bulls!

If you cannot play with them, root for them.

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