Has the New Bryzzo Appeared?

Any true Cubs fan was expecting Bryzzo to at the very least be broken up last season with the Rizzo half staying in Chicago for many years to come! Of course on trade deadline day that changed in a jiffy with three-fifths of the 2016 infield being traded within just a few hours of each other. Some have been asking what the Cubs next marketing tactic would be with a team of never heard of players out there. Until Saturday and Sunday when Wisdom and Schwindel made history hitting back-to-back homers in consecutive games for the first time since Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and Jim Hickman on Aug. 23-24, 1969.

Even though a few media sources immediately ran with headlines giving the Cubs marketing department a new slogan of sorts, “Schwisdom”! I want to be realistic though… it is more likely that both these guys are going to be one year wonders for the Cubs much like Hickman was back in 1969. Why you ask? Simply put they are both hitting .220 and have very a very low WAR. They are bench players at best and are it is highly unlikely they will be part of the next Championship team at Wrigley Field as every day players.

With that being said even though it likely won’t happen I do love the idea of seeing the team using “Schwisdom” as one of their marketing ploys for the rest of this season.

With that… it’s time to play ball!

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