Here Come The Road Rangers!

As we get ready for World Series Game 3 tonight the series is tied 1-1. This means there will definitely be a Game 5 in this years World Series. The question now is will there be a Game 6.

On Friday night the Rangers stole the game after in extras after tying it in the bottom of the ninth. Then on Saturday they lost Game 2 handing Jordan Montgomery his first lost of the postseason. The bats were not there getting only four hits the entire game and there were a few defensive plays that were questionable at best including a catch late in the game by their second baseman that to me looked like an error but was not charged as such by the official scorer.

Bruce Bochy has managed his way to an 8-0 record on the road so far this postseason. Will we see Montgomery go on short rest in relief of Nathan Eovaldi (aka Big Game Nate) in Game 5 or will there be a Game  6 which he starts?

Here’s the thing folks: This years Ring-less Rangers remind me of the 2005 Chicago White Sox. Granted the White Sox went 12-1 to win their title sweeping the Houston Astros who at the time were in the National League. However, while this years Rangers players are battling some adversity getting to this big stage in somewhat unexpected fashion they have the right person in the drivers seat making the calls from the bench to lead them to their first ever title.

It would not surprise me one bit if the Rangers head home from Arizona on Thursday with rings on their fingers. It also would not surprise me one bit if Big Game Nate has his start pushed back to Friday in Arlington and Montgomery goes on short rest Wednesday after being pulled early on Saturday.

With that… it is almost time for the Road Rangers to take their first pitch in Arizona.

If you cannot play with them, root for them.

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