He’s Ready To Mash The Ball Out To Waveland!

Out with the old, in with the new.

Should the Chicago Cubs have kept Kyle Schwarber a few years ago and Willson Contreras after last season among the others who were traded in 2021 instead of letting them ride the waves in free agency? Many fans think so because of the new universal DH rule that was added after the lockout.

Doing that would have left them a log jam in the outfield and the infield especially with both players basically past their prime. There are 26 roster spots. If Schwarber and Willson were still Cubs there would be no room for Matt Mervis to be called up this weekend against the Florida Marlins this weekend. While there is no way to know if his bat would be needed in a realistic world I think there is a high likelihood that Mashing Matt would have still been called up because.

I’ve heard many fans in recent weeks saying the Cubs should hold off on bringing Mashing Matt to the majors until July or possibly even later. Here’s the thing folks do not realize. A couple weeks into the regular season Matt turned 25. The Cubs have six years of full control over his contract and pay. Therefore, he will be past his prime when he hits free agency whether or not they called him up this weekend.

It would be nice if Jed Hoyer stepped it up and before the season ends signed Mashing Matt to a five year contract because then there would be no question that he is here to stay until the six years I mentioned they have of control. It would be even nicer if Jed announced he was signing Mervis to seven year deal with full no-trade since Jed was the one who drafter Matt back in 2016. In a realistic world though, I do not see the eight year thing happening. I think Jed will give Mashing Matt a chance at free agency in 2029.

In other news, Jameson Taillon and Yan Gomes are both out injured with Kyle Hendricks on a rehab assignment and expect to return in the next couple weeks. When Kyle returns there is a lot of talk about Hayden Wesneski and if he should be sent down because he has been struggling early in the season. In a ideal world Adbert Alzolay and Javier Assad will be sent down to make room for Hendricks and Taillon. Taillon would be moved to the pen with Hendricks being slotted in as the number three.

With that… it is time to play ball!

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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