It Is Almost Time For Butler & Chicken Nuggets

Zero, Three, Seventeen. Those are the number of championships the organizations left in this years NBA Conference Finals have won.

Yes, I still dislike Lebron and will be rooting against him for the duration of his career. Sorry not sorry but he is and always will be a fake in my eyes. I do not care that he has scored the most points ever in the NBA and I never will, that will never change my opinion no matter what others say about the historical feat he accomplished.

Let’s start by talking about the Western Conference finals. It is time for me to make one thing clear… the Los Angeles Lakers organization having won 17 titles does not actually bother me… it is Lebron that bothers me and I will alway root against him no matter who he is playing for. In comparison, the Denver Nuggets have never won a ring. Many do not realize they were founded in 1967, started in the American Basketball Association (ABA), and have never won a championship even while they were in the ABA. As a result of this and the fact that they are playing the Lebron led Fakeshow I am rooting for the Nuggets to win the Western Conference.

Now, let’s turn our focus to possibly the last series in this years playoffs that has ties to my beloved Chicago Bulls. Yep, I am talking about the Jimmy Butler (a.k.a. Jimmy Buckets) led Miami Heat vs. the Boston Celtics. Once again I could care less about the 17 titles the Celtics organization has. The Heat organization has three and Buckets has ZERO. In the Conference Semi-finals against the Knicks he scored 123 points with a 43.2 field goal percentage in five games. He was out for games 2 and 6 getting extra rest due to his ankle injury.

To be clear, any game or series that has Chicago ties without a Chicago team playing in it will have me rooting for the team with the Chicago ties whenever the player or coach involved is not playing against another team with a former Chicago player. That goes for any sport, not just basketball.

With that… it is not quite time for tip off in Denver but let’s go Nuggets!

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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