Momentum Isn’t Everything!

After being up 3 games to none in the conference finals the Miami Heat looked like they were going to pull off the unthinkable last weekend winning game 6 by 1 point only to lose it when the Boston Celtics forced a Game 7.

Obviously, Game 2 between the Heat and Denver Nuggets is tonight with the Nuggets leading the series. All that momentum the Heat had going into the game Thursday night was waisted when Denver had a commanding 17 point lead going into the second half.

I’ve read a few different articles of what adjustments Miami will need to make to tie this series up tonight. Out of the suggestions I’ve read I like Draymond Greens’ suggestion the most. He suggested that Buttler and Bam should switch up the pick-and-roll on defense. I love this because the reason Denver have such a commanding lead starting the second half was simply subpar defense by Miami. Also, with Love starting in place of Martin who is available off the bench due to his illness that would present more of a need for the pick-and-roll to be successfully executed by Miami.

If Denver jumps out to a 2 game lead in the series as is expected tonight I have a feeling the history books will stay open and they will find a way to close out the Heat in four short games.

With that… it’s almost time for tipoff in Denver.

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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