Never Give Up!

Last week the Colorado Rockies called up a journeyman. His name is Wynton Bernard.

This guy never got the chance to make his Major League debut and had been tagged as a forever minor leaguer. He never quit and in this post lockout world we live in he finally got the call!

If you are asking yourself why I’m writing about this. It is simple… my father told us to never give up on anything we wanted. As a result, this story stood out to me when a daily motivational newsletter that I receive, The Daily Coach, wrote about it yesterday. It can’t go without saying that former Cub Kris Bryant being a Rocky only helped this story catch my attention too.

After 11 years in the minor leagues he became the oldest player to get their first hit and steal a base in their debut. He also played professional ball many places internationally including Australia.

I agree with The Daily Coach, Bernard’s resiliency is increasingly rare. It is the lack of resiliency that causes us to set arbitrary dates for our goals. The way I see it Bernard set a realistic goal to get to the Major Leagues and never gave up on his goal.

In today’s technology driven world too many of us are out for instant gratification. We should all look at Bernard’s story as an example of setting realistic goals and meeting them or delayed gratification if you will!

With that it’s time to watch Wynton Bernard… play ball!

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