Nine Times And Hendo Gets A Break

Before the series against the Atlanta Braves Craig Counsell announced that Kyle Hendricks would be moved to the bull pen. This came as a surprise to many Cubs fans I know including myself because over his last four starts he had two which he pitched alright in. The two outings he pitched better in were: his last outing before going on the Injured List (IL), and his first outing after returning from what was being called a back injury.

On-and off-line many fans are calling for him to be Designated for Assignment (DFAed for short). However, some fans don’t realize he was pitching injured his last couple of outings in April and that is why he was placed on the IL and still has not gotten back to full strength yet after two starts. If he were still pitching injured after he’d be back on the IL and not moved to the bullpen.

There are some fans, including my fellow writer Gaurav Garg, who think that the Cubs President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer is simply doing what’s right by Hendricks and keeping him here to get him his 10-and-5 rights. I vehemently disagree with this because he is a liability right now since he is clearly not at full strength yet two months into the season. However, on today’s Kap & J. Hood Morning Show on ESPN Radio it was suggested that the Cubs sit him down and give him two options we are going to DFA you or write up your retirement letter.

Since I disagree with what David Kaplan and my fellow writer both suggested I went out to StatMuse to find Kyle’s stats specifically against the Braves. He started only eight of nine games. His record was 1-0 over those games and the one game he didn’t start in 2016. Looking closer at his stats over the last three seasons when he started against the Braves he gave up six or more runs in each of those games.

Here’s the thing folks: I’ve heard many fans on-and off-line over the last couple days saying that Hendricks will not start another game this season I do not at all think that is true because if the Hoyer is simply doing what’s right by Hendricks to get him his 10-and-5 rights Kyle would be going back on the IL and immediately sent down to the minors for a rehab stint. They moved Kyle out to the bullpen because they have guys up here who can fill in as the fifth starter until he is back to full strength. I believe that will happen by the end of June and Kyle will be an integral part of this team once he is back in the rotation.

With that… it’s time to watch Kyle pitch in relief for a little while.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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