Only Three?

Three and two. That’s the Bulls record over their last five games, including a three game winning streak. It also includes home and home matchups with the 76ers to close out the season set.

With the exception of their last game on Wednesday they have been playing like they want to make the playoffs. They have to get through the play-in tournament first though.

After my last post they played they played Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami Heat, and two against the Philadelphia 76ers. All of these teams are playoff bound and with the exception of the last game against the 76ers at home the Bulls were picking up their game big time!

Let’s start with the Kings game, thanks to what looked like above average defense they were keeping the game close for most of the night. Their offense fell apart in the second half and they lost by three.

The next two games against the Timberwolves and Heat they were firing on all cylinders offensively and defensively. They were playing like they really want that last spot in the play-in tournament. They kept the game close against Timberwolves and pulled away in the fourth winning by eight. Against the Heat the offense was really firing on all cylinders they were leading by fourteen after the first quarter and twenty-five after the first half. The defense was looking above average in this game too allowing them to run away and hide like they did and they ended up winning by 14 as a result!

Wait though, because then in Philly they kept the game close most of the way looking pretty evening matched with the Sixers. They were able to pull of a win in the last couple minutes winning by four. Now it was time to bring it back to Chicago and go for their first four game winning streak of the season… they looked horrible in the game at the United Center. Four minutes and thirteen seconds into the game they were down 19-1. They were taking bad shots and the defense was failing. Maybe they were tired from the travel and playing their fourth game in six nights. Sorry not sorry though there is no acceptable excuse for their defense to be completely dead and therefore no reason whatsoever they should have lost by twenty-five. No four game winning streak yet.

The signing of Patrick Beverley seems to have brought the health parts of the band back together and causing them to play like a team. After that blowout at home the Bulls to get back to playing like they think the tenth spot in the east is theirs with ten games left. If they do, they might wind up making the first round of the playoffs. Even if they do get to the first round I do not believe they get past whoever they play. If they do that would be a step forward overall.

With that it’s time for tipoff.

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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