Playoff Run: Warriors or Lakers? Let’s Go Dubs!

If the NBA Play-In Tournament were to start today my two favorite teams in the Western Conference would have a chance to face each other in game one of the Play-In Tournament. This is great because the last thing I want to see is LeBron James playing in the playoffs all spring.

Dallas Mavericks

Having won six of their last ten games the Mavericks appear to be well on their way to holding down the seventh seed because none of their players have suffered any serious injuries this season and they have played a consistent game as a result. That said, it did not appear to be a good thing that they did not make a trade at the deadline to bring ‘underwhelming’ Center Deandre Ayton to Dallas from Portland. Especially when they were looking for a star Center last summer and came up empty. However, they’ve clearly been fine with Dwight Powell even though he is also somewhat mediocre.

Phoenix Suns

Turnovers have been a big problem for the Suns recently. As a result, they will be fighting to keep a spot in the Play-In Tournament. As a result, they signed two time all star Isaiah Thomas to a ten-day contract on Wednesday. While he did play against the Philadelphia 76ers he only played for two minutes and got one assist in what seemed to be your typical slow build up move by Head Coach Frank Vogel.

Here’s the thing folks: Their turn over problems might not be fully solved with the signing of Thomas. However, they are hoping that he will provide some leadership qualities on the sidelines so if is able to provide the scoring punch they are looking for he could get an extension for the rest of the season since they have until April 15th to set their playoff roster.

Los Angeles Lakers & Golden State Warriors

Until LeBron James played for the Los Angeles Lakers I always rooted for both of these teams to do well and go far in the playoffs and make the Conference Finals against each other. Why did that change when LeBron joined the Lakers, you ask? Simple, he is the one player I have always disliked. It started when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers; they are the Chicago Bulls, my favorite team in the Eastern Conference, biggest division rival.

Since they’d be playing each other in Game 1 of the Play-In Tournament if the season ended yesterday I am rooting for them to hold the ninth and tenth seeds in the Western Conference.  However, in reality, both teams have been struggling and one of them could miss the Play-In Tournament all together if they are not able to avoid serious injuries to any of their key players. It should go without saying, but to make sure all of my readers are clear, I would love to see the Lakers make the Play-In Tournament and miss the playoffs.

With that…. it is time to root for LeBron to sit at home watching this entire post season!

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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