Regular Season Tip-off Is Close

Since we are less than a week from regular season the time has come for me to act on a request made by my business partner on Double Over Time Steve Leblang. The request came a few months back when he asked me to become less laser focused on my hometown teams.

In response to his request I have decided to write more about other teams in my favorite sports starting with this opening post leading into the 2023-2024 NBA Season. The teams I will be following this year are the same ones I’ve followed the last few years since I got back into following sports: Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, Washington Wizards, Dallas Mavericks, and Boston Celtics. Also, thanks to our friend from France, Victor Wembanyama, I will be following the San Antonio Spurs.

Unfortunately, I have not been following all those teams very closely during the preseason. As a result, I will only be discussing the Warriors, Bulls, and Lakers today since those are the three I have been following the closest this preseason.

Los Angeles Lakers

I have said in previous posts about the NBA that I did not like them right now because LeBron James is the center of attention. While this is true I still follow them very closely because of family in Los Angeles. The difference is I only root for them in the Finals if they are not playing a team I like. In the regular season, I am always rooting against them no matter who they play.

That said, the big news in Laker Town going into the season is that Anthony Davis has been stepping his offensive game up. That will be a story to watch closely the next couple of months and probably for the entire season.

Golden State Warriors

The big story all preseason has been Draymond Green’s sprained ankle. He is currently expected to miss opening night but expected to be back soon. His presence on the floor is quite important to their success so this will be a story to watch the next couple of months as well because without him at the top of his game there is little chance they will go too far if they make the playoffs this year.

Chicago Bulls

For the last couple of months the big question being discussed in Chicago has been if this is the last dance on the West Side for this group of guys due to the absence of Lonzo Ball, aka Big Baller. Was Ball’s injury a couple seasons ago a big blow to the potential of this group bringing an NBA championship back to Chicago for the first time since Jordan?

You bet it was. However, I do not believe management handled the situation correctly last offseason and then leading up to the trade deadline they continued to handle it poorly. As a result, this is likely the last dance for this group of guys because it is looking more and more like Ball’s career is over.

In the same light, there is a question of whether or not Head Coach Billy Donovan should be on the hot seat. Here’s the thing folks: Donovan does not play the game he coaches the game. He has been given little to work with by his bosses since the injury to Ball who was very important to the success of this team when he came to Chicago. Therefore, he should not be on the hot seat.

With that… regular season tip-off is days away.

If you cannot play with them, root for them.

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