Slammin’ Sammy Apologizes To Fans

A couple weeks ago Slammin’ Sammy was back in Chicago. While we was in town WGN, the old television and radio home of Chicago Cubs baseball, got him on the air for an exclusive interview at Club 400. Jarrett Payton, former Bears great Walter Payton’s son, had the honors of conducting the exclusive interview which was Sammy’s first appearance on Chicago’s airwaves since 2020 when David Kaplan, then the top guy at NBC Sports Chicago, interviewed him.

Cubs owner Tom Rickets has said in many interviews when asked about Sammy Sosa that he wants Sammy to apologize to fans. Near the middle of the interview a couple of weeks ago Payton said, “I’ll tell you what. I was with you this morning, you know how many people I heard come up to you say ‘I just want you back’. I heard it so many times I literally did not want to get in the shot with you because I just wanted to follow you around to watch what people were saying. What would it mean to you for the Cubs to welcome you back?”

Sosa’s reply was, “Time will determine everything. I’m here now, this is the first step, I believe so. I am flexible like I say, I can not tell anybody to do whatever it is. I’m waiting, you know, let’s see what happens and I agree that we have to get together and talk about it why not?”

Payton followed that up telling Sosa, “You need to be back” more than once while also commenting about what he has done for this city. Then asked Sammy if he feels he should be in the Hall of Fame.

Sammy replied, “Look, I do because the numbers don’t lie but this is my Hall of Fame, my people. You know, I’d love to have a plaque in the Hall of Fame but they are no where to be seen. The love that I get every day and what I have done in my career, that’s good enough. Some day if it happens, fantastic. But if it doesn’t happen it’s okay because I’d rather to have a hall of fame than have it than have a hall of fame here on earth.”

As follow up to that Payton asked him, “Do you feel you’ve been treated unfairly?” Sammy replied, “You know I’m a gladiator. I don’t complain. I’m not that type of person that will sit back and be mad. I am taking one day at a time… If somebody wants to say something different about that, it’s okay. I am not going to point fingers…. I’m living my own life. I’m a free man.”

As the interview as ending Payton’s next to last question was, “Well speaking of the Hall of Fame, you were on the Cubs Hall of Fame ballot last year. I know you were talking the exact same way what would it mean to you to be in the Cubs Hall of Fame as well?” I feel like this was Sammy’s chance to apologize.

His response was, “For me to come here to Chicago now and be here, show my face, knowing that I want make a step I believe that’s going to change anybody’s mind. So I don’t have any regrets, I’m here, I’m available, I’m flexible. If that happens well fantastic but if not we got to move on. Definitely I want to be here because my numbers are here. I made my numbers here in Wrigley Field. Not with another team. My legacy is here. So pretty much there is no reason why I did so much for the city of Chicago while I was here that for some reason you want to scratch me from the board, for what? I don’t see it as the right decision.”

Payton followed that up by saying he tuned in every day because Sammy was “part of saving baseball.”

Here’s the thing folks: Will this apology to fans from Sammy be enough for Tom? My best guess is no because he apologized in 2020 when Kaplan interviewed him. Yet, he was not inducted into the Cubs Hall of Fame last year even though his name was on the ballot according to what Payton said before asking the last question I included above. Sosa has apologized enough. Tom needs to get off his high horse and welcome back the star that kept me watching my beloved Cubs back in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

With that… we will have to wait and see what happens because surely Tom will be asked about this at least once during opening week festivities at Wrigley Field.

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