Spring Notes: 100+ Players Still Available

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching the free agency news in baseball as closely as I have the spring training games and stats. When Spring Training Games started three weeks ago there were 100+ free agents available. That is still the case as I write this; many of the players still available are pitchers. Two of those pitchers are clients of the infamous Scott Boras.

I’ve contended since before pitchers and catchers reported on Valentines Day that Boras made a mistake waiting for the Regional Sports TV situation to play out to get his clients paid. All of Boras’ clients during the 2023-2024 off season were injured goods having suffered many injuries throughout their careers. He was demanding too much for all of them.

In today’s game teams do not want to take a long-term chance on guys who have a long injury history. Look at Matt Chapman and Cody Bellinger he was trying get both of them $25+ per year for 6+ years. No one was interested in even discussing such a deal because of the number of years for either of them.

Both have short term deals with multiple opt-outs and in the case of Chapman a few team buy-outs. Bellinger is the only one of these two who actually got what Boras was looking for. That was because he knew the Cubs were sitting around waiting for the market to play out and were willing to pay what Bellinger was looking for.

Now let’s look at the two pitchers who are still on the market and represented by Boras. Both Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery¬† have had a number of pitching injuries. While both are star pitchers. In today’s game teams are not interested in signing pitchers, especially those who have long injury histories, to long term deals.

Pitchers with long injury histories tend to ware out faster. Snell and Montgomery are both past their prime. During the off season the longest deal either one of them was offered was four years and with the exception of the Yankees neither one was offered anything close to $25 million per season over those four years. This is because of their injury histories.

Here’s the thing folks: There are many teams including the Cubs and Yankees who are short in the rotation. Maybe Snell and Montgomery both sign with the Yankees on one-year deals and play the free agency game again next year just to end the madness that was caused by the Shohei sweepstakes that was never really a bidding war to begin with.

With that…. stay tuned for my upcoming Spring Notes columns as I will be touring all of the divisions over the next couple of weeks.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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