The Blockbuster Happened….

It did not involve either Cubs player the baseball-verse expected to see on the move though. Instead, it involved Juan Soto who last Wednesday many expected to stay put. Nope, he was traded to San Diego! Because of the overpriced kings ransom Jed was asking San Diego GM A. J. Preller decided to get serious with discussions with Washington about Soto at the eleventh hour and make a deal happen. Being a Cubs fan… I am here to discuss what the Cubs did though!

So, back in June the Cubs avoided arbitration with Willson Contreras at the eleventh hour. Ever since it was an expectation that he was playing his last games in a Cubs uniform. By late June rumors were running rampant that the Cubs were in talks to make a blockbuster deal with San Diego that would send Willson and Ian Happ to California. Rumors were also picking up that Juan Soto would be on the move. Of these two blockbuster deals that were in the works Cubs fans ended up getting what we wanted at this years trade deadline. 

According to Jed, trading Happ and Willson would not have brought a solid enough return to help build the “next great Cubs team”. Is Hoyer actually listening to fans?

Many baseball reporters think by keeping these two guys means fans will be throwing another year long going away party leading up to next years trade deadline and Willson will still be here on a one year deal after getting a qualifying offer this winter.

In this interview back in late June Jed said the Cubs will spend money “when the time is right”. Will the time be right this winter? I am of the belief that after seeing the trade market we will see Happ get an extension this winter and after accepting the qualifying offer Willson will talk extension including a full no trade clause with Jed. He has said many times over the last couple years that he loves playing here and wants to be a Cub for life.

I guess time will tell… sadly though I am tired of hearing Jed and other members of Cubs management not put a competitive team on the field and if this team is not competitive again by 2025 this die hard Cubs fan might ditch baseball all together and just be a bandwagon jumper for the rest of his life!

With that…let’s play ball.

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