The Bracket Is Down To Two…

Over the last month all teams in the NBA have been involved in the inaugural In Season Tournament. In general, I think this is a wonderful idea to draw more attention to the sport.  However, I feel changes are needed to actually have it draw the attention.

I am going to first discuss the problems I have had with the tournament. I have three problems with the tournament. My first problem is that I feel the courts are generally very distracting and generally that is the same thing I have been hearing from other fans on the radio and social media. My second problem is the fact that the play seems to have been effected by the floors not being the normal hardwood players are used to. My third, last, and biggest problem is the schedule.

I want to make it clear at the onset that I am writing about my biggest problem and that I understand the league is trying to cut back on travel to save money but there are a couple of smaller problems I have with the schedule and I have thought of a solution for each of the smaller problems I have with the schedule. So, here it goes…

In general, I believe Group Play should include all games over first three weeks of November unless it is an election year. During election years, Group Play should Start the Wednesday after the election and include all games over three weeks. This would be for consistency and because of advertising revenue. Since November and December are the holiday season and the league is likely going to license tournament games out to Amazon or Netflix I think having Group Play over a two week period would actually do more to draw interest.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Group Play would work if the league did it that way. First, we need to discuss how the groups are split up in group play. Instead of splitting teams up based on their records the previous season keep the three groups split up by division since division teams play each other four times per season.

This would the best way to cut back on travel because it would allow teams to play back to back games against each other and knock out two games at one of their stadiums then get a day off; in some cases it would be four games over five days due to NFL television restrictions on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Doing this with the schedule would leave a few days at the end of the three weeks for teams to then play a couple games against teams in one of the other divisions of their own conference. The other scheduling change I would make is I’d have all Quarter Finals and Semi Finals games in Los Vegas because it would help cut back on travel.

With that… the inaugural final will be Saturday night in Los Vegas between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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