The Curse of the Mask?

I fucking LOVE football.  I’ve purchased a LOT of face masks.  And recently I’ve begun to build out my collection of jerseys and outerwear as well, Naturally I think there’s a connection to these passions.

As we head out of September and into the heart of the NFL season let’s do a quick recap of how my passion intersection is faring:

— New York Jets:  3 masks , 1 jersey, 1 jacket, 2 sweatshirts, 2 t-shirts: 0-3.

— New York Giants: 2 masks, 1 jersey,  1 sweatshirt, 1 athletic pants: 0-3.

–Miami Dolphins: 2 masks, 1 jersey, 1 t-shirt: 1-2. (and a starting QB injured).

— San Francisco 49ers: 1 mask, 1-2.

— Pittsburgh Steelers: 1 mask: 1-2.

Yeah, thanks for your support.

On the other hand:

— Los Angeles Rams: 2 masks, 1 jersey, 2 pairs of socks: 3-0.

— Las Vegas Raiders: 1 mask: 3-0

– Los Angeles Chargers: 1 mask: 2-1.

–Green Bay Packers: 1 mask, I jersey: 2-1

Hmmm, maybe it’s geography?

There are few things I’d rather be doing on an autumn afternoon than consuming football.  Fortunately, having a phone and a few subscriptions means I don’t have to be relegated to a couch or a bed to indulge in my passion with the temptation of overeating on top of it.  If there’s one upside to a pandemic where people in my life are fearful to congregate indoors it’s that I can walk, socialize and get fresh air without missing a lick of the action, intermittedly finding windows where I can still veg and absorb.

Yesterday I wore my Giants jersey and one of my Jets masks.  Not a great combo.  But I did get in a solid 2-mile walk.

My choices of teams and degrees of passion are based on numerous touchpoints in my life.  The Jets have my deepest roots, tied to everything from growing up within walking distance of their Shea Stadium home, my obsession with Joe Namath and later in life their support and connection to an important charity.  Not only are they winless, they had the most embarrassing loss in the entire league yesterday, a 26-0 shutout at the hands of the Denver Broncos.

The Giants have been a tad more competitive and I’m a tad less passionate about them.  1986 , 2007 and 2011 can do that to someone.  At least they’ve lost two of their last three on game-ending field goals by their mediocre opponents.

The Dolphins became my latest emotional connection last year when I shared football

Sundays with an amazing Dolphins lover and her friends.  We’re no longer friends–perhaps there’s a connection to why they’re winless so far?

Today I’m switching to the Packers mask and a Rams jersey.  Yes, I’m a fair weather fan.

Here’s to football.

Until next time….


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