The Steak(s) Will Be High In Philly

With the Major League Baseball All-Star Game ten days away that means the trading deadline is just over three weeks away. As a result, today’s article will take a close look at roster moves the Philadelphia Phillies might make as well as potential trades they are looking at making over the next few weeks.

Tyler Phillips & Potential Of A Six Man Rotation

Before Saturday’s game Todd Zoleski, the Phillies beat writer for, chronicled Tyler Phillips’ journey to the major leagues with an emphasis on his recent promotion to the Phillies. Phillips, originally drafted by the Texas Rangers, has demonstrated considerable resilience and perseverance throughout his career. Despite facing multiple setbacks, including injuries and performance fluctuations, his determination has finally paid off with this well-deserved promotion.

Phillips’ path to the majors began in the minor leagues where he developed his skills and showcased his potential. His pitching repertoire, characterized by a strong fastball and an effective curveball, has been a key factor in his success. The promotion is not just a personal achievement for Phillips but also a strategic move for the Phillies because according to Jackson Roberts over at The Sporting News the Phillies are considering going to a six man rotation due to their pitching staff facing challenges, including injuries and inconsistent performances, adding Phillips to the roster provides much-needed depth and flexibility. The Phillies are hopeful that Phillips’ fresh arm and potential can make a significant impact in the remaining season.

This strategic move aims to alleviate the workload on their starting pitchers, many of whom have been stretched thin due to injuries and the demands of the season. By adding an extra arm to the rotation, the Phillies hope to reduce the risk of further injuries and enhance overall performance.

The Need For A Proven Closer

Jon Conahan over at Sports Illustrated reported before Saturday’s Phillies-Braves game that the Phillies are eyeing Texas Rangers’ star closer Kirby Yates as a potential trade acquisition. The Phillies bullpen has been a significant area of concern, and acquiring a reliable closer could provide the stability they need in late-game situations. He delves into the specifics of the closer’s performance, highlighting his impressive stats and clutch performances.

Yates potential impact on the Phillies is analyzed in depth. His ability to shut down games and maintain leads is exactly what the Phillies have been missing. The article also touches on the logistics of the trade, including what the Phillies might need to offer in return. The closer’s market value, contract details, and the Rangers’ willingness to part with him are all part of the conversation taking place between the two teams.

The Phillies front office, led by Dave Dombrowski, is known for being aggressive in pursuing key acquisitions. The article emphasizes that securing this closer would not only address a critical need but also send a strong message about the Phillies intentions for the remainder of the season. This potential trade is seen as a pivotal move that could significantly enhance the Phillies bullpen and overall competitiveness.

Other Trade Possibilities 

This past Thursday, Phillies Nation provided a comprehensive overview of the trade rumors which involve the Phillies, focusing on bullpen reinforcements. With the bullpen’s struggles being a recurring theme, the Phillies are linked to several notable relievers, including Jason Adam, Carlos Estévez, Tanner Scott, Paul Sewald, and Jason Foley.

Destiny Lugardo evaluated each of these potential targets in her article analyzing their current performance, strengths, and how they would fit into the Phillies bullpen. For instance, Jason Adam’s ability to handle high-leverage situations and Estévez’s strikeout prowess are highlighted as key attributes that could benefit the Phillies.

She took a close look at the Phillies current bullpen setup and the areas that need immediate attention mentioning specific instances where the bullpen has faltered, underscoring the urgency of making strategic acquisitions. The potential impact of these trades on the Phillies postseason chances is also explored, with an emphasis on how a stronger bullpen could translate to more wins in close games.

Dave Dombrowski’s strategy and approach to the trade deadline are also analyzed. Known for his decisive moves, Dombrowski is expected to be proactive in securing the right pieces to bolster the bullpen. She makes it very clear that while the Phillies have several options, they need to act swiftly and decisively to outmaneuver other teams vying for the same talent.

Trading The Farm To Contend 

In his article last Sunday Zach Pressnell at FanSided took a close look at the the possibility of the Phillies making a blockbuster trade to bring Luis Robert Jr. and Garrett Crochet to Philadelphia from the Chicago White Sox. This speculation stems from the Phillies need to strengthen both their outfield and pitching staff. Robert Jr., with his impressive offensive capabilities and defensive prowess, would be a significant addition to the Phillies lineup. Crochet, known for his powerful left-handed pitching, would be icing on the cake in this trade bolstering the Phillies bullpen or even the starting rotation.

Additionally, if the Phillies are able to get snag Robert Jr. from the White Sox it would allow veteran outfielders Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber extra rest leading into the all-star break and more importantly allow them to rest up for the stretch run following the trading deadline. The impact of the Phillies acquiring Robert Jr. and Crochet would significantly increase their aspirations to go deep into October. However, it also warns of the risks associated with such a high-profile trade, including the potential disruption of team chemistry and the loss of valuable future assets.

Here’s the thing folks: The Phillies biggest need right now is out in the bullpen specifically in the closers role. As a result, it is not realistic that the Phillies would trade big parts of their future away to fill every need they have. Dombrowski will more likely make a couple of strategical trades to bolster the bullpen and avoid a blockbuster deal bringing Crochet to Philly in a package deal that would include Robert Jr.

With that… the clock is ticking on the available closing pitchers who are available for Dombrowski to bolster the pen with.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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