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In my article a few days ago I shared that I was bullied growing up. Hazing is a topic that seems to make headlines every year and is a level of bullying that I never experienced. Sadly, the topic was already on my mind in the context of sports after the news broke a few weeks ago about what is still being referred to as a hazing scandal at Northwestern University.

However, as more details came out in the days following the story news I became more bothered by what I was hearing. As a result, I have been taking my time to get my thoughts together about the entire situation and this was not just hazing there were sexual harassment allegations too. As a result of being close with a few people who have been negatively effected by situations involving sexual harassment and/or rape.

I do not care if the coaches were the ones committing the crimes or they were simply turning a blind eye to the situation assuming they actually knew what was going on. The entire situation is very unacceptable. I am really happy that the powers that be within Northwestern cleaned the program up by firing the coaches.

While the firings started with the football program, it also ended up affecting some of the other programs, including the Baseball program. Since baseball is my favorite sport and Joe Girardi is a candidate to take over as head coach of the baseball program I really started following the story closer. Especially because he is a Northwestern alumnus and recently turned down an offer to coach at University of Central Florida.

Back in 2017,  the Yankees fired Girardi. He took two seasons off before going to Philadelphia where he managed until being fired following a 22-29 start to the 2022 season. Some Phillies fans think he was fired because of the Yankees sign-stealing letter that went public in April of last year, but the fact is he was fired from both the Yankees and the Phillies because he failed to “put his foot down” when managing the current generation of players.

Here’s the thing, folks: in most cases coaches and managers are former athletes who understand the sport they are coaching. I will never deny that.

However, just because someone understands something does not mean they can sell it. Sadly, I understand both sides of it because I have to sell my services and listen to my elders who I am doing the work for when most of my generation does not… and let’s not forget the Gen Xers! As a millennial, I would know this being struggling a contract website developer (as I mentioned in my article eleven days ago) who is looking for a full time job.

The problem is most Millennials and Gen Xers do things their way and ignore their elders. I started my contracting business in the spring of 2006, three months before starting college. It took me ten years to grow out of doing things my way and listen to my clients. I still struggle with listening to my clients at times because they call me the expert… that is different though.

Lets bring this back to the sports world. Last August, Girardi publicly said he wants to manage again. Will he though? Many Cubs fans, including my fellow writer here on TheDoubleOvertime Gaurav Garg, think Jed Hoyer should hire him now and get rid of Ross. Most Cubs fans do not realize that Girardi is being paid is a “Game Analyst” for Marquee Network. That tells me Hoyer brought Girardi home to train Rossy on how to manage without actually doing the work himself. He will not take a step down to coach for his almamdtter when he can train someone who was on the 2016 team how to manage and then get a ring himself while doing so! I am sorry Cubs fans, but I think Ross is here until they win a second ring.

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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