Are Those All Star Knees Playoff Bound?

As the season comes to a close the Chicago Bulls have and an easy go of it with the schedule since the all star break getting more rest in between games and their play has shown it because they have won five of seven games since the break. They were not expected to win their last game though so let’s discuss their last two.

Starting with the game against the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are guaranteed to make the playoffs being at the top of the Western Conference. So, this game was far from a toss up. The Bulls were expected to lose. LaVine, Vucevic, and DeRozen the Bulls top dogs with Lonzo out all year were on top of their game on both sides of the game. As a result of this the Bulls, who some think will miss the playoffs and not even make the play-in tournament, crushed a top team in the league willing 117-96.

Now, lets discuss the opposite side of that equation. The game against the Houston Rockets was one the Bulls were expected to run away in this game with the Rockets being tied for last place in the league. However, their inconsistencies on defense this season made it look like they were going to blow it late before they pulled away and won 119-111.

If the playoffs were to start today the Bulls would be in the play-in tournament. Tomorrow they play the Sacramento Kings. They are currently third in the Western Conference. My guess is the Bulls will play at the top of their game again like they did last week against the Nuggets to keep their sport in the play-in tournament locked in.

Many think that Lonzo Ball will never play again. On Friday news broke that Ball is going to have a third knee surgery this offseason. It has been known for at least a couple weeks that there might be some nerve damage in his knee. The rumor is that if he is able to make a full recovery he will be back early next season following the sergery.

That is a HUGE if… as a result, it is time for Artūras Karnišovas to admit that he handled the roster badly this season and move on from the Lonzo Ball days this summer and if Lonzo does return next season take it as icing on the cake for a playoff run.

With that it is time for tipoff.

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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