Two Dominoes Have Fallen

In the last few days we’ve seen Shohei Ohtani sign the biggest contract in sports history and Juan Soto pack his bags and head to the Bronx. These two transactions were the top storylines going into the winter meetings.

Leading up to Shohei signing with the Dodgers I read multiple stories from beat writers and national sports writers that made it clear he would end up in San Francisco, Toronto, or stay in Los Angeles because have his dislike of massive media attention. A few of those reporters even pointed out in their articles that Ohtani will only talk to the media on days he pitches. Since he won’t pitch in 2024 does that mean he will not talk to the media at all? Unlikely, but only time will tell.

Now let’s discuss the Soto trade. There was no question in my mind once it mead headlines that the Yankees were highly interested in getting a deal done to bring him to the Bronx that he would would end up there even if it mean involving a third team. In the end they sent four pictures and a catcher to San Diego for the all star outfielder and outfielder Trent Grisham .

With these two big dominoes having fallen and the flurry of other small moves that have occurred over the last few weeks some other bigger moves are expected to happen in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. The three story lines that will be most interesting to watch are those of Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Cody Bellinger, and Dylan Cease.

It seems to be the general belief that where ever Yamamoto lands will drastically change which teams are calling the White Sox about partnering on a trade for Cease. I think it is the other way around because of the posting fee the team Yoshinobu decides to go to will have to pay and that where ever Cease lands will determine who is willing get serious in talks with Yamamoto.

Then there is the other top big free agent Cody Bellinger and there have been a few reports in recent days that a reunion with the Cubs could happen. I would be very surprised if the Cubs brought him back over taking the draft picks they will get when he signs elsewhere. Especially when all things are pointing to Pete Crow-Armstrong being the starting centerfield on opening day. However, if they did bring him back it will likely have a major reminiscence to when they brought Dexter Fowler back in 2016.

Here’s the thing folks: Brining Counsell in to manage the team can not be the centerpiece of their off-season dealings. At the end of the day basically the entire league was in a holding pattern waiting for Shohei to decide where he was going. Since that is now a thing of the past and he will be retiring a Dodger these next two weeks will see a lot of free agents signed and likely many more trades as well.

With that… it is time to enjoy your hot chocolate as the hot stove really heats up.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them.

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