We Will Always Miss You Mamba

It’s been a slow week with sports news. So yes Kobe Bryant is getting another mention here on Double Overtime as a result.

January 26, 2020 the sports world lost a legend. He was involved in a helicopter accident on the way to his daughter Gigi’s game. His name was Kobe Bryant. His daughter Gigi was with him in that helicopter and died that day as well. Personally, I will never forget where I was or what I was doing when I found out they had been killed in the accident..

My fellow writer Steve Leblang put it best when he wrote about it, “It’s only appropriate that the team unveil Bryant’s statue on this date.” His daughter wore the number 2 for her youth team and while playing Kobe wore the numbers 8 and 24.

Basketball has always been the sport I followed the closest since I never really had the chance to play on my schools teams growing up after suffering a bad knee injury in 2001. Being from Chicago the Bulls will always be the team I root for first. After Jordan retired in 1999 the Lakers became my second team because my mom had a friend from childhood who lived out in Los Angeles and was a big sports fan who we visited regularly.

When I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Lakers were giving Kobe such honors and his wife was going to be involved it made me extremely happy. I was not truly into watching sports until the Lakers won the 1999-2000 Championship, Kobe’s first of five.

After revealing the plan to have three statues of Kobe Vanessa Bryant said, “As I see today’s current generation of star players follow in Kobe’s footsteps with huge scoring games, I know he would take pride in knowing that he is still pouring inspiration into the game that was so special to him.” She was referring to players such as Luka Doncic, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant with that statement.

While the team I will always root for first, the Bulls, is struggling to rebuild for reasons that I have wrote about here on Double Overtime it is important for me to note that this comment by Mrs. Bryant is very true and what she was talking about has actually gotten me back into following the NBA over the last few seasons.

With that… last night the Lakers and Kobe’s widow Vanessa unveiled the first of three Kobe Bryant statues.

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