Will Some Savory History Be Made?

The World Series is here. I was rooting for all of my favorite former Cubs to play in this years classic. However, that won’t be happening. Only one of them, Aroldis Chapman, made it and he happens to be playing on the Texas Rangers. That is an organization that has never won a title since joining the league as the Washington Senators in 1961.

Representing the National League in this years Fall Classic are the Arizona Diamondbacks and yes, I highly despise them but that is only a momentary thing because of how they snake bit my Cubs in September in route to October and, now, the World Series. I would be rooting for Texas to make history even my other favorite former Cubs from Philly were facing Chapman and the Rangers.

Bruce Bochy knows what he is doing folks. Without him there is no way at all the Rangers get to where they are with a chance to bring Arlington it’s first championship parade since the team moved there in 1972.

Bochy was manager of the Giants for twelve years from 2007 thru 2019. He retired after 2019,  returned this year. Rumors started during the 2022 World Series before his old foe Dusty Baker made history winning his first title as manager that Bochy wanted to help make some history to cap off his great career. Here’s the thing folks: After helping the Giants break their draught in 2010 then winning two more rings on the Bay in 2012 and 2014 he wanted to help make history winning Texas their first title.

He has been in the drivers seat of this historical run and might just manage to cap it off. That won’t be the end though because he still has two more years left on his contract and might win be able to lead them back to the promise land again over those two years. Only time will tell.

Now let’s talk about those boy’s of summer he’s been managing to this moment in history. Tonight Big Game Nathan Eovaldi will be starting tonight. He has started four games in the playoffs and won all of them. Jordan Montgomery will be starting tomorrow and has been equally as impressive starting four games, he only got credited with three wins. Let’s look at their playoff stats so far this year:

Nathan Eovaldi
4 wins (no losses), 2.42 Earned Run Average, 7 Earned Runs, 28 Strike Outs, 4 Walks

Jordan Montgomery
3 wins (Rangers lost the game), 2.16 Earned Run Average, 6 Earn Runs, 17 Strike Outs, 4 Walks

Thanks to the magnificent arms of these two guys this series could end in five games. Either way, I think Eovaldi will end up getting two starts in this series.

With that… it’s time for first pitch in Arlington.

If you cannot play with them, root for them!

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