Will The East Steal Attention From LeBron?

The Chicago Bulls have been sent home for the summer by the Miami Heat. Last year, I was rooting for the Heat to go all the way, and they nearly did. Since Jimmy Butler was drafted by the Bulls and played in Chicago for six seasons I wanted to see him win his first ring. He got injured in the Heat’s first Play In game.

Even though his teammates would go on to show the Bulls who’s boss that does not change my desire to see him win a ring even though he is expected to miss the rest of the playoffs and watch from the bench.¬†Unfortunately that means they have a tall mountain to climb being the eighth seed since they are playing the Boston Celtics who are by far the best in the Eastern Conference.

It has been tough for me to pick who to root for in the Eastern Conference this year after the Heat. However, after much thought I’ve picked the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic.

Now, let’s look at the Western Conference. With the Golden State Warriors watching from home and me wanting to see LeBron fail yet again. Thanks to the fact that LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers ended up with the seventh seed my life was a bit easier picking my teams to root for in the Western Conference. Since LeBron and the Lakers will be playing the Nuggets in the first round which means there is a high likelihood he gets sent home within the next few days.

But, here’s the thing: I had to ask myself, “Do you want to see another organization win for the first time ever?” Yes, I am referring to basically five of the other six teams in this years Western Conference playoffs. While you might be thinking this made my life harder, it did not. I decided to root for the Nuggets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Los Angeles Clippers, and whoever wins in the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans series. This means if the Lakers manage to advance to the Conference Semifinals I’ll be rooting for the Timberwolves to serve LeBron the knockout blow but be indifferent about if they win against the Nuggets.

Why you ask? Simple. I would not mind seeing the Nuggets get back to the Finals and win two straight with the Warriors watching from home since many think they will be breaking up their core of Stephan Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Chris Paul.

With that… it is quite unlikely that any team in the Eastern Conference will be able to steal attention away from LeBron and the Lakers.

If you cannot play with them, then root for them

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